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2016 Ph.D. Defenders

Brian Kristall

(L to R) Andy Jacobson, Brian Kristall holding daughter Liliana, Brad Sageman, and Matt Hurtgen raise a glass in celebration of Brian's defense.

Ashley Gilliam

(L to R) Matt Hurtgen, Ashley Gilliam, Abe Lerman, and Dan Horton pose following Ashley's defense.

Renee french and friends
(L to R) Craig Bina, Renee French, Josh Townsend, and Laurel Childress.

(L to R) Craig Bina, Josh Townsend, Steve Jacobsen, and Neal Blair pose for a picture following Josh's thesis defense.
(L to R) Craig Bina, Josh Townsend, Steve Jacobsen, and Neal Blair pose for a picture following Josh's thesis defense.

laurel with her advisors
Neal Blair, Steve Jacobsen, Laurel Childress and Emile Okal celebrate following Laurel's thesis defense.

2014 and 2015 Ph.D. Defenders

Image of emily wolin with suzan van der lee
Emily Wolin raises a celebratory glass with Professor van der Lee

Jeremy and professors celebrate after dissertation defense
(L to R) Dr. Axford, Dr. Sageman and Dr. Hurtgen congratulate Jeremy Gouldey following his successful dissertation defense.

Allie Baczynski with committeeAllison Baczynski (second from right) celebrated with her committee following her defense. She began a two year postdoctoral research appointment in June with Dr. Kate Freeman at Pennsylvania State University.

Rosemary Bush defense

Yun-Yuan Chang and her three advisors

Rosemary Bush defended in April. She has accepted a two year postdoctoral research appointment at Notre Dame University with Dr. Melissa Berke beginning in September.

Yun-Yuan Chang (center) stands with advising committee members (left to right) Suzan van der Lee, Craig Bina, and Steve Jacobsen. Yun-Yuan will continue her research as a postdoctoral researcher for HPStar, a new high pressure science & technology advanced research institution in China.

Maya Gomes with her defense committee

Maya Gomes (center) celebrated with her committee following Allie Baczynski’s defense. She will start a NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship at the NASA Astrobiology Institute at Harvard in July.

Dan "Darcy Li (below left) celebrated with Professor Andrew Jacobson after her successful defense. In July, Darcy will join US Imaging, CGG.


Miguel Merino (left) with advisor, Seth Stein, during his post-defense celebration last February.Miguel joined Chevron as Geophysicist in April 2014.Miguel Merino and Seth Stein


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