2016-2017 Seminar Series

Unless otherwise noted, all EPS Seminars will be held on Fridays at 3pm in the L.L. Sloss room (Tech F285) within Northwestern University's Technological Institute, 2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, Illinois.

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Winter/Spring 2017 Seminars

February 10 - Jonathan Buzan, Purdue University

Quantifying global heat stress changes due to climate change

February 17 - Andrea Dutton, University of Florida

Polar ice sheet retreat during past warm periods: An update from the Seychelles    

CANCELLED February 24 - Ashish Sharma, University of Notre Dame

March 31 - Steve Holland, University of Georgia

The stratigraphy of mass extinction

April 7 - Mainak Mookherjee, Florida State University

Volatiles in the Solid Earth- insights from Mineral Physics

April 14 - Tracey Holloway, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Energy Options for Cleaner Air

April 21 - Shaun Marcott, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Abrupt Changes in the Global Carbon Cycle Over the Past 70ka.

April 28 - Steve Shirey, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Superdeep diamonds: sampling minerals from the mantle transition zone

May 5 - Scott King, Virginia Tech

Slow diffusion in majoritic garnet and the dynamics of subduction

May 12 - Kaiyu Guan, University of Illinois

Monitoring and modeling the US crop production under the climate change

May 19- Sierra Petersen, University of Michigan

From equator to pole in a cool greenhouse: A new look at Late Cretaceous climate​

If you have any questions, please contact our Seminar Series coordinator, Professor Seth Stein.

Past Seminars:

Fall 2016 Seminars

September 30 - Sloss Graduate Research Symposium
The Sloss Graduate Research Symposium is an annual tradition in which EPS graduate students present short talks on their research and accomplishments over the past year.

October 7 - Randy Keller, University of Oklahoma
Cratons and Crustal Blocks: Global Tectonic Analogies

October 14 - Barbara Sherwood-Lollar, University of Toronto
Exploration Frontiers for Deep Fluids and Deep Life in the World’s Oldest Rocks

October 21 - Craig Bina, Northwestern University
Subduction dynamics in the mantle transition zone: Petrology, rheology, slab buckling, and trench migration

October 28 - Jennifer Glass, Georgia Institute of Technology
It’s a Gas! Gas! Gas! A New Look at the Role of Iron in the Ancient Greenhouse

November 4 - Hersh Gilbert, Purdue University
Seismicity in the midcontinent of North America, Is weak mantle to blame?

November 11 - Seth Stein, Northwestern University
Insights into the Evolution of Passive Continental Margins and Continental Rifts from the Failed Midcontinent Rift

November 18 - Peter Makovicky, Field Museum of Natural History
Real Paleo Diets: Understanding dietary evolution in dinosaurs

December 2 - Charles Kerans, University of Texas at Austin
The changing face of stratigraphy: blending predictive patterns and events


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