Laurel Childress

The U.S. Science Support Program of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership has selected EPS graduate student Laurel Childress to be one of five 2012-2013 Schlanger Ocean Drilling Fellows. Each year, the program awards $30,000 stipends to several outstanding graduate students who conduct research related to the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, an international marine research program dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of the Earth through drilling, coring and monitoring the subseafloor.

This year’s fellows – selected for the quality of their proposed projects – will focus on topics that include sedimentation, climate change and microbiology. Next summer, the fellows will visit the Ocean Leadership headquarters in Washington, D.C. to present their results.

Laurel plans to use Ocean Drilling Program cores collected from the Cascadia subduction margin to study the persistence and maturity of recycled carbon (e.g. kerogen). Results from this investigation will allow for the reconstruction of the dynamic history of the Cascadian margin geochemical environment and provide experimental input to future models of the global carbon cycle.

The Schlanger Fellowships are named after the late Seymour Schlanger, a renowned Northwestern geologist and early leader in scientific ocean drilling. For more information on Schlanger Fellows, visit 


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February 16, 2017