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Jiuyuan Wang

PhD Candidate

M.S. Geosciences and Petroleum Geosystem, Pennsylvania State University, 2014
B.S. Petroleum Geology with excellence, China University of Petroleum, 2012


I study the carbon cycle over the broadest range of Earth history.  I am particularly interested in the interactions among the atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere, and their roles in modulating diverse and fundamental transitions in Earth history. In addition to geochemistry and paleoclimatology, I am also interested in energy science and policy.

Academic Awards

1st Place, Eastern Region, Imperial Barrel Award, AAPG 2014 
1st Prize, Energy-related oral presentation, Graduate Colloquium, Penn State 2014 
Chesapeake Energy Award, Penn State 2014 
Shell Energy Research Award, Penn State 2013
Honored Student of Excellence, China University of Petroleum (Top 0.1%) 2012 
Outstanding Student for Innovative Scientific Works, China University of Petroleum 2012
National Scholarship of China, P.R. China 2011, 2010

Funding Awards

Student Research Grant Award, Geological Society of America 2013 
Shell Energy Research Facilitation Grant, Shell and Penn State 2013
National Innovation Project for exceptional student, Dept. of Education, China 2010-2012

Teaching Assistantships

ISEN 230 Climate Change and Sustainability: Economic and Ethical Dimensions

Community Service

President, Chinese Students and Scholar Association, Northwestern 2015
Volunteer, Cultural immersion at Chicago, 2015
Mentor, IBA team at China University of Petroleum, 2014, 2015
Student Board Member, College of Earth Sciences and Technology, China University of Petroleum (East China), 2014-present

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