Directions to the Technological Institute from O'Hare International Airport

Airport Taxis:  The ride to Evanston takes 35-50 minutes, depending on traffic and weather.  Visit a Taxi Stand at the curbs outside the Baggage Claim in order to call a licensed taxi. The fare to Evanston can be anywhere between $40 - $80 depending on traffic and taxi availability. 303 Taxi is the Chicago-area cab company that we recommend. Call them at 847.256.0303 to pre-arrange your cab ride, and be sure to mention that you are affiliated with Northwestern University for a discounted fare.

The "EL": (Chicago Transit Authority Train):  Finally, you might consider a scenic ride through the varied neighborhoods of Chicago on the Elevated Train, or EL.  The EL is also the best option if you are traveling on a very low budget (under $3.00).  It is also by far the most time-consuming way to go from O'Hare to Evanston.  Excellent on-line maps of the EL routes are available at the CTA website or through Google Maps.

Take the Blue Line from O'Hare to downtown Chicago (approximately 45 minutes).  Change at the Washington and State Street station to the Red Line, and take it northbound to Howard Street.  After approximately 45 minutes you will arrive at the Howard terminal.  Switch to the Purple Line (the Evanston Express).  After ten minutes more, exit at Noyes Street (for the Tech Institute) or Davis Street (for downtown Evanston hotels).

During rush hours you can save 15 minutes by changing to the Purple Line at an earlier stop.  Rush hours are 5:30am to 9:30am, and 3:30pm to 5:30pm.  Take the Blue Line from O'Hare to downtown Chicago.  Change at the Randolph and Clark Street station to the faster Purple Line (the Evanston Express).  After about 45 minutes exit at the Noyes Street station. From here it is an eight minute walk eastbound along Noyes Street to the Tech Institute.

PACE Bus:  Pace Suburban Bus Service provides bus transportation from O’Hare’s Remote Lot E (Kiss 'n' Fly) accessible via the The Airport Transit System (ATS).

Pace Route 250 Dempster Street offers ride from O’Hare to downtown Evanston Davis Street Purple Line CTA Station, 1612 Benson Ave, Evanston, IL 60201. The walk from the station to Tech takes about 20 minutes and is around one mile.  From Benson Avenue walk north to Church St. Turn right and proceed to Chicago Avenue. Turn left on Chicago Avenue two blocks to where Chicago Avenue joins Sheridan Road. Continue north on Sheridan. Tech is a large Prairie-style building made of white stone.  It lies along the east side of Sheridan Road, directly across from a parking lot that occupies the block between Noyes St. and Haven St.


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