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EARTH 202 - Earth's Interior

The smartphone array experiment.
We recorded a seismic section using a phone array (for more detail, see here).

Course Syllabus (PDF)
Class Handout (PDF)

Problem Sets:

Problem Set #0: Introduction
Problem Set #1: Gravity
Problem Set #2: Seismology
Problem Set #3: Seismology & Thermodynamics
Problem Set #4: Radioactivity
Problem Set #5: Conservation of Momentum
Problem Set #6: Heat
Problem Set #7: Plate Tectonics


Lab #0: Problem Solving Techniques & EXCEL, Accuracy & Precision, and Unit Conversion
Lab #1: Measuring the Acceleration Due to Gravity
Lab #2: Seismic Waves
Lab #3: Minerals and Earth Layers
Lab #4: An Investigation of Meteorites
Lab #5: Tectonics and Sea Floor Spreading / Handout A / Handout B
Lab #6: Heat

Sample Tests:

Test #1 (midterm)
Test #2 (final)


The g record for the elevator problem: CSV
The seismic record for the December 8, 2016 California earthquake: XY
An example of recorded data from the smart phone array experiment (lab 2): XY


The smart phone array experiment:

Seismicity of the World/Plate Tectonics:

Convection Cell: Effect of Viscosity