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Acoustic Manifestation of Earthquakes:
* For high-resolution views, please click on the images.

We can detect earthquakes (among other things!) through various methods. Among others, ocoustic signals are interesting tools to study seismic (or otherwise?!) sources.

1. T-Waves:

I am working on a software package to automate tsunami warning based on T-wave  detection at seismic stations  in the Pacific. Many factors have to be taken into account, including (but not limted to) seismic-acoustic &  acoustic-seismic conversions at source and receiver sides, SOFAR parameters in the propagation medium and path parameters at source &  receiver sides. The fun part is that, in this approach, you don't really need to have a reliable source geometry.

T-Wave acoustic paths for the selected stations in the Pacific.

2. Pressure Signals:

An interesting part of my research is working on the pressure signals from OBS hydrophones in search for a quantifiable measure of tsunamigenic character of earthquake. We are still searching ... :)