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Books, Papers and Dissertaions I am reading now[ish]:

  • Barberopoulou, A., Qamar, A., Pratt, T.L., Creager, K.C. and Steele, W.P., 2004. Local amplification of seismic waves from the Denali Earthquake and damaging seiches in Lake Union, Seattle, Washington. Geophysical Research Letters, 31(3).
  • Bonini, M., Corti, G., Sokoutis, D., Vannucci, G., Gasperini, P. and Cloetingh, S., 2003. Insights from scaled analogue modelling into the seismotectonics of the Iranian region. Tectonophysics, 376(3), pp.137-149.
  • Menke, W., 2012. Geophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse Theory. Academic Press.
  • Murty, T.S., 1977. Seismic Sea Waves: Tsunamis, Bulletin of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada.
  • Synolakis, C.E., 2003. Tsunami and seiche. Earthquake Engineering Gandbook, pp.9_1-9_90.



Acoustics, Tsunamis and Fluid Mechanics

Notes on fluid mechanics -- The Road to Tsunamis  (PDF)
Beginner's Notes on basic hydrodynamics of tsunamis  (PDF)
The June 1990 Tsunami of the Caspian Sea (notes on tsunamis & the 1990 slump event)  (PDF)

Grids and Maps

Grids -- A set of notes on topographic grids (PDF)
Tips and Tricks for GMT (a set of quick tips for people who already know how to use GMT to some extent) (PDF)

Seismic Hazard

Seismic Hazard in Iran: Beginner's note  (PDF)
Seismic Hazard in Iran: Beginner's note v1.5  (PDF)
Seismotectonics of Central Northern Iran: Beginner's note (in Farsi, 2009)  (PDF)
Note on F-distribution  (PDF)
Note on Gamma Function  (PDF)


Beginner's Notes on Oscillators -- The Road to Seismometry  (PDF)
Horizontal Seismometer Report (Built for EARTH360) (PDF)
Vertical 1-Component Seismometer Report (Built for EARTH360)  (PDF)
Maintenance Report on the EPS "Green" Seismometer and the STS-2 in Locy Hall  (PDF)
Investigating the Response Functions of EPS Seismometers at Northwestern University (notes on instrument response and the EPS device) (PDF)


Role of Earth's Mantle in Water and Gases in the Environment
Stacking Using SAC  (PDF)
Introduction to Xcircuit  (PDF)
Pluto: Auditorio di Nihilo (A report on the dwarf-planet Pluto, for EARTH450)  (PDF)
A Self-Tutorial on AWK  (PDF)

Scripts I am working on:

- CATANIM: Creates 4D movies of earthquake distribution in a given catalog. You can access a crude outline of what I have already done here Also, here is an example.
RESPSHELL: A code package tp experimentally analyze the behavior of instrument response curves in different frequency bands (here).
- TEST: A tsunami warning package which works on the seismoacoustic signature of basin margin earthquakes. It is based on the simple idea of T-wave amplitude/propagation pattern.
- OMEGA: A code/parameter I am developing using the OBS signals to do tsunami warning.
- EPOC: A code package to study the hazard profile across fault lines.
- SNRGAP: A script package to create record gap datasets -- and movies -- using IRIS MUSTANG and similar services (see here).

Good Reads:

Feynman, Richard P., Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (1985) (PDF)
Liner, Christopher L., Greek Seismology, 1997 (PDF)
Agnew, Duncan Carr, History of Seismology, IHEES, 2002  (PDF)
Davison, Charles, A Study of Recent Earthquakes, WS Publishing, London, 1905 (PDF)
Houston, Edwin, J., The Wonder Book of Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Fredrick A. Stokes Company Publishers, New York, 1907 (PDF)
Theophrasus, Tyrtamus, On Stones, ~300 B.C. (PDF)
Bak, P., Tang, C., and Wiesenfeld, Self-organized Criticaliry, Physical Review, Volume 38, 1988 (PDF)