I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences working in collaboration with Professor Matthew Hurtgen.

Broadly, I am a sedimentary and organic geochemist.  I focus on the redox evolution of the Earth, specializing in biogeochemical cycling. I use a range of geochemical tools, but focus on the stable isotopes of nitrogen, carbon and sulfur, with a particular interest in compound-specific, stable isotope techniques. My research interests  span the spectrum of geologic time from the Archean to modern systems. Current I am working principally on the Cretaceous and Neoproterozoic with and eye toward understanding future global change.

Neoproterozoic Grand Canyon Supergroup in the foreground from the North Rim

ODP core repository, Bremen, Germany

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Fish skeleton from ODP Leg 207 and fun with the KT Boundary