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Gabriella Kitch

PhD Conferred 2021, John A Knauss Fellowship International Policy Fellow at NOAA’s Ocean Acidification Program

B.S. Geology, Washington and Lee University, 2016
Curriculum Vitae


I focus on understanding ocean carbonate chemistry during ocean acidification events, more specifically the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) Ocean Acidification Event and the potential ocean acidification event at Ocean Anoxic Event 2 (OAE2). Working in Andrew Jacobson's Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory, I use calcium (δ44/40Ca), stable strontium (δ88/86Sr), and radiogenic strontium isotope values (87/86 Sr) of foraminifera and bulk carbonates to examine carbonate production over these time periods. Ι also have worked extensively on developing the Jacobson Laboratory’s boron isotope (δ11Β) methodology with the aim to pair δ11Β, a proxy used to determine paleo-pH, with aforementioned isotopes systems to provide a comprehensive look at the oceans’ geologic carbonate system.

Selected Publications

Kitch, G.D., Jacobson, A.D., Harper, D.T., Hurtgen, M.T., Sageman, B.B. and Zachos, J.C., 2021. Calcium isotope composition of Morozovella over the late Paleocene–early Eocene. Geology.

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