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Emiliano Monroy-Ríos

PhD Candidate, CONACyT Int. Graduate Research Fellow

M.Sc. Marine Sciences - Aquatic Chemistry, UNAM, December 2004
B.Sc. Chemistry, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, January 2002
Curriculum Vitae

Academic Awards

2004 Candidacy to Best Thesis Research of the Year Award. Marine Sciences and Limnology Graduate Program, UNAM (2004)
Graduated with honors in Chemistry, UNAM (2002)

Funding Awards

American Geological Institute - Geoscience Student Scholarship (2011)
CONACyT Fellowship, Ph.D. Studies at Northwestern University (2011-2014)
TGS Graduate Fellowship, Ph.D. Studies at Northwestern University (2011)
CONACyT Fellowship, M.Sc. Studies at UNAM (2003)

Selected Publications

Hernandez-Terrones L, M Rebolledo-Vieyra, M Merino-Ibarra, M Soto, A Le Cossec and E Monroy-Ríos (2010) Groundwater Pollution in a Karstic Region (NE Yucatan): Baseline Nutrient Content and Flux to Coastal Ecosystems. Water Air Soil Pollut DOI 10.1007/s11270-010-0664-x.

Ramírez-Zierold J, Merino M, E Monroy-Ríos, Olson M, FS Castillo, ME Gallegos and G Vilaclara (2010) Changing water, phosphorus and nitrogen budgets for Valle de Bravo reservoir, water supply for Mexico City Metropolitan Area. Lake Reserv Manage 26 (1):23-34.

Merino M, E Monroy-Ríos, G Vilaclara, F S Castillo, M E Gallegos and J Ramírez-Zierold (2008) Physical and chemical limnology of a wind-swept highland reservoir. Aquat Ecol 42:335–345.

Teaching Assistantships

EARTH 103: Geological Hazards
EARTH 114: Evolution and the Scientific Method
ISEN 230: Climate Change and Sustainability: Political and Ethical Dimensions
ENVR SCI 201: Habitable Planet
Instructor - Aquatic Chemistry (60484). Marine Sciences and Limnology Graduate Program, UNAM. Academic Unit of Puerto Morelos, Q. Roo, Mexico. (Semesters 2009-I, 2010-I and 2011-I)
TA - Chemical Oceanography (60484). Marine Sciences and Limnology Graduate Program, UNAM (2003-2004)
TA - Chemistry bonding and spectroscopic foundations (1633). Theoretical Physics and Chemistry Department, UNAM (Semesters 1998-2 and 1999-2)

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