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Boris Rösler

PhD Candidate

B.S. Physics, University of Colima, Mexico, 2016
Curriculum Vitae


The main focus of my research is the propagation of seismic waves across dense seismic arrays. The dense seismic arrays of Earthscope have brought to light a new seemingly systematic phenomenon in the changes in the amplitudes of seismic waves as they propagate across the arrays. While the general shapes of seismic waves can be modeled relatively well, amplitudes have always carried high uncertainties. My research aims to understand these uncertainties in the amplitudes by seeking to explain the patterns observed in Earthscope. After determining the source process of earthquakes from the spectral amplitudes of the surface waves, comparing synthetic with observed seismograms yields conclusions about the origin of surface-wave amplitude variations.

Research Interests

Theory of Seismic Waves
Source Processes
Seismic Wave Propagation

Academic Awards

- Graduation with Honors (2016, University of Colima)

- Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (2016, University of Colima)
- Peña Colorada Award for the best student of the graduating class (2016, University of Colima)
- Scholarship of Excellence (1st - 8th semester, University of Colima) for the best student in each semester 

Selected Publications

Detection of Stealth Scalar Fields Non-minimally Coupled to Gravity (work in progress)

Amore, Paolo, John P. Boyd, Francisco M. Fernández, and Boris RöslerHigh Order Eigenvalues for the Helmholtz Equation in Complicated Non-tensor Domains through Richardson Extrapolation of Second Order Finite Differences. Journal of Computational Physics 312 (2016), 252-71. doi:10.1016/

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