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Boris Rösler

PhD Conferred 2022

B.S., Physics, University of Colima, Mexico, 2016
M.S., Science, Northwestern University, 2018
Curriculum Vitae


My research is based on the mathematical description of seismic sources. Source mechanisms can be determined from the waveforms or spectra of seismic waves, and are described by moment tensors whose six independent entries correspond to couples of forces which allow for arbitrary motions at the source. Moment tensors can be decomposed into components representing geologic processes. The most common decomposition is into an isotropic component, a double-couple component (DC) and a compensated linear vector dipole component (CLVD). While CLVD components may be be required to describe complex source processes, their appearance during the inversion has also been attributed to noise in the data, insufficient station coverage, and uncertainties in the structure of the Earth or the location of the earthquake. In my research, I am aiming at determining whether non-double couple components in seismic moment tensors represent real source processes.

Research Interests

Excitation of Seismic Waves and Radiation Patterns
Source Processes of Earthquakes and Moment Tensor Inversions

Academic Awards

  • Graduate Student Research Award (2022, Northwestern University)
  • Graduate Student Teaching Award (2020, Northwestern University)
  • Peña Colorada Prize for the best student of the graduating class (2016, University of Colima)
  • Graduation with Honors for Thesis Defense (2016, University of Colima)
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (2016, University of Colima)
  • Scholarship of Excellence for the best student in all eight semesters (2012-2016, University of Colima)

Selected Publications

Boris Rösler & Seth Stein (2022): Consistency of Non-Double-Couple Components of Seismic Moment Tensors With Earthquake Magnitude and Mechanism, Seismological Research Letters, 93 (3), 1510–1523

Boris Rösler, Seth Stein & Bruce D. Spencer (2021), Uncertainties in Seismic Moment Tensors Inferred from Differences Between Global Catalogs, Seismological Research Letters, 92 (6), 3698–3711

Boris Rösler & Suzan van der Lee (2020), Using Seismic Source Parameters to Model Frequency- Dependent Surface-Wave Radiation Patterns, Seismological Research Letters 91 (2A) 992-1002

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