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Benjamin Linzmeier

Postdoctoral Scholar

Ph.D. Department of Geosciences, University of Wisconsin – Madison
M.S. Department of Geoscience, University of Wisconsin – Madison
B.S. Geology, Bowling Green State University
Curriculum Vitae


I focus on understanding the record of paleoenvironmental variability on multiple timescales. To do this, I measure a variety of chemical proxies for environmental conditions recorded in sedimentary rocks and fossil shells. Fossil shells record daily to decadal climatic variability that organisms experienced and sedimentary rocks average centuries to millennia of environmental conditions. By combining both timescales, we can refine our understanding of the stratigraphic preservation of long term climatic signals and short-term climatic variability in times with high-pCO2.


Hoffmann, R., D. K. Richter, R. D. Neuser, N. Jöns, B. J. Linzmeier, R. E. Lemanis, F. Fusseis, X. Xiao, and A. Immenhauser. 2016: Evidence for a composite organic–inorganic fabric of belemnite rostra: Implications for palaeoceanography and palaeoecology. Sedimentary Geology 341:203–215.

Linzmeier, B. J., R. Kozdon, S. E. Peters, and J. W. Valley. 2016: Oxygen Isotope Variability within Nautilus Shell Growth Bands. PLOS ONE 11:e0153890.

Linzmeier, B. J., K. Kitajima, A. C. Denny, and J. N. Cammack. 2018: Making Maps on a Micrometer Scale. Eos, 99.

Linzmeier, B. J., N. H. Landman, S. E. Peters, R. Kozdon, K. Kitajima, and J. W. Valley. 2018: Ion microprobe stable isotope evidence for the habitat and mode of life of ammonites in early ontogeny. Paleobiology: 1-25.

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