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Lily Momper

Postdoctoral Scholar

W.O. Crosby Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT
Ph.D. Biology, University of Southern California
B.A. Biology, Washington University in St. Louis
Curriculum Vitae


One of the major obstacles to a clearer understanding of the earliest history of life on Earth is uncertainty in the timing of major biological events. Identifying the births and deaths of major gene pathways will help place those events in context of relevant geochemical events in Earth history, and conversely help to constrain the timing of those events. I use a combination of culturing, bioinformatics and lipidomics to understand how microorganisms and geochemical conditions have co-evolved through Earth history. 

Selected Publications

Momper, L., Aronson, H., Amend, J.P. (2018). Genomic description of 'Candidatus Abyssubacteria,' a novel subsurface lineage within the candidate phylum Hydrogenedentes. Frontiers in Microbiology. 

Momper, L., Jungbluth, S. P., Lee, M. D., & Amend, J. P. (2017). Energy and carbon metabolisms in a deep terrestrial subsurface fluid microbial community. The ISME Journal, 11(10), 2319-2333.

Momper, LM, BK Reese, G Ramirez, P Lee and EA Webb (2014). “Characterization of a novel cohabitation between two marine diazotrophic cyanobacteria.” The ISME Journal, 9(4), pp.882-893.

Jangir, Y, French, S, Momper, LM, Moser,  DP, Amend, JP, El-Naggar, MY (2016) Isolation and characterization of electrochemically active subsurface Delftia and Azonexus. Frontiers in Microbiology.

Sylvan, JB, CL Hoffman, LM Momper, BM Toner, JP Amend and KJ Edwards. (2015)  “Bacillus rigiliprofundis  sp. nov., a spore forming, Mn-oxidizing halotolerant bacterium isolated from deep subsurface ocean crust.” IJSEM.

Osburn, MR, DE LaRowe, LM Momper and JP Amend. (2014) “Chemolithotrophy in the continental deep subsurface: Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF), USA.” Frontiers in Extreme Microbiology.

Van Mooy, BAS, LR Hmelo, LE Sofen, SR Campagna, A May, ST Dyhrman, A Heithoff, EA Webb, LM Momper and TJ Mincer. (2012) “Quorum sensing control of phosphorus acquisition in  Trichodesmium consortia.” ISME J.

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