Eclipse Photos

Total Solar Eclipse, 11 August 1999

Montchâlons, France

Photo 1 (approximately 09:25 GMT)

Photo 2 (approximately 10:00 GMT)

Photo 3 (10:23 GMT)

Photo 4 (10:25 GMT)

For shutterbugs:

The first three photos were shot on Ektachrome Elite-400 film with an Olympus OM-2, using a telescope lens with f = 500 mm, augmented to f = 1000 mm by a x2 converter. The camera was mounted on a tripod and the lens covered with a mylar sheet. Settings were an f-stop of 8, and an exposure time of 1/500 s.

The fourth photo, during totality, was shot on Gold 1000 Kodak film, with another Olympus OM-2 simply coupled to a 200 mm telephoto lens, and hand held (no tripod). No mylar filter either. I must confess I did not note the f-stop or exposure -- No time in the frenzy of the 2 minutes of totality.

Montchâlons is a small village a few km SSE of Laon, the prefecture of the Département of Aisne, about 165 km NE of Paris.

Annular Eclipse, 10 May 1994

Photo 5 (approximately 17:00 GMT)

This picture was taken in Central Illinois, within 1 km of the center path of the eclipse. The photographic settings were similar to those of Photos 1-3 above.

Transit of Venus, 08 June 2004

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

These pictures were taken on the shore of Lake Michigan, in front of the South Beach parking lot at Northwestern University, between 05:30 and 05:45 CDT (10:30 and 10:45 GMT).
The photographic settings were similar to those of Photos 1-3 above, except the film was Kodak Gold 400 and no mylar sheet was used.
And that seagull flew by just on time...