Emile A. Okal

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Installation of the seismic station at Nauru, January 1994

Service of geological sciences
University Of the North-West
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Postal address:Evanston, It 60208-2150, The United States
Address Street:Locy Hall
Road 1847 De Sheridan
Evanston, It 60201, The United States

42,0515 Of north
87,6747 Westerner
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I am a professor in the service of geological sciences at the university of the North-West, that I joined 1984. My degrees are Teacher training school Higher in Paris (M.S., 1972), and institute of California of technology (Ph.D., 1978). I am implied in teaching on all the levels at the university, search in the seismology and other aspects of geophysics, and to inform of the students. Here some links with the latter and other activities:

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