Zanshinkan Dojo: Northwestern University Aikido Club

Founded by Shihan Fumio Toyoda in 1974, shortly after his arrival in Chicago, Zanshinkan Dōjō, also known as the Northwestern University Aikidō Club, provides training in the martial art of aikidō 合氣道 to students, faculty, and staff of Northwestern University.

Brief History

The Northwestern University Aikidō Club, later known also as Zanshinkan Dōjō 残心館道場, was the first branch dōjō established by Shihan Fumio Toyoda, in 1974, after establishing his own headquarters dōjō in Chicago. Initially affiliated with the Ki-Aikidō Society, it soon became one of the charter members of Toyoda-sensei's Aikidō Association of America, later also affiliated with the Aikikai Hombu Dōjō in Tokyo, Japan. In 2002, after Toyoda-sensei's passing in 2001, the Northwestern University Aikidō Club's Zanshinkan Dōjō became affiliated with Aikidō Shinjinkai. In 2016, the Northwestern University Aikidō Club's Zanshinkan Dōjō became a member of Aikidō Shimbokukai. Originally located in Northwestern's Patten Gymnasium, training subsequently moved to Blomquist Gymnasium, and it has since relocated to the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion.

The successive chief instructors of Zanshinkan Dōjō have been: Fumio Toyoda (shihan), Masa Hajihara, Hideto Arimizu, Bruce Holmes, John Mazza, Andy Sato, Roger Sullivan, RJ Dellinger, Elisabeth Menning, Kevin Swinehart, Mark Pandolfi, Glenn Patterson, Keith Moore, John Mazza, and Craig Bina.

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The point is to lead the mind. If you lead the mind, then the body will follow. —Mazza-sensei

Just sit. —Mazza-sensei

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