EARTH-102-6 Geological Impacts on Civilizations (Freshman Seminar)

Geological processes and materials have had a profound impact upon the development of civilizations on Earth. By examination of the geological, archaeological, and historical records, we will explore societal responses to factors such as natural disasters, environmental changes, and the distribution of natural resources. We will focus largely upon the ancient world, with reference to modern analogues. (Bina)

EARTH-108-0 Geological Impacts on Civilizations

Impact of geological processes and materials upon the development of civilizations on Earth. Examination of the geological, archaeological, and historical records. Exploration of societal responses to natural disasters, environmental changes, distribution of natural resources, etc. Focus on the ancient world, with reference to modern analogues. (Bina)

EARTH-300-0 Earth and Planetary Materials

Mineralogy of the Earth and planets from atomic to continental scales, focusing on structure, composition, identification, and physical properties of minerals as they pertain to geological and societal applications. Prerequisites: EARTH 201; or CHEM 103, PHYX 135-1, and MATH 214-1. (Bina, Jacobsen)

EARTH-301-0 Petrology: Evolution of Crust and Mantle Rocks

Formation and evolution of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Rock textures, compositions, tectonic settings, and other properties. Characteristic mineral assemblages, properties, processes, and reactions. Prerequisites: EARTH 201; or CHEM 103, PHYX 135-1, and MATH 214-1. (Bina, Jacobsen)

EARTH-302-0 Physics and Thermochemistry of the Earth's Interior

Finite strain theory, solid solution thermodynamics, phase transitions, subduction zone processes, seismic velocity structures. Prerequisites: CHEM 103, PHYX 135-1, MATH 214-3. (Bina)

EARTH-335-0 (formerly 328-0) Tectonics and Structural Geology

A broad introduction to the theory and methods of structural geology and tectonics. Topics include force and stress and strain tensors, rheology, microstructures, and results from experimental deformation studies, brittle deformation processes and structures, ductile deformation processes and structures, and regional tectonics in the global context. Prerequisites: Math 240, Physics 135-1, Earth 201, or consent of instructor. (Bina)

EARTH-350-0 Physics of the Earth (Integrated Science Program)

Solid Earth geophysics: Earth's gravity field, Earth's magnetic field, interior of the Earth, heat flow, elementary wave propagation, plate tectonics. Prerequisite: second-year standing in ISP or comparable background in mathematics and physics and permission of ISP director. (Bina, Okal)

EARTH-399-0 Independent Study (1)

Special problems under direct supervision of one or more faculty members. Comprehensive report and examination required. Open with consent of department to juniors and seniors who have completed field of concentration in the department. (Bina, others)

EARTH-438-0 Advanced Topics in Geophysics

Topics include tectonophysics and the bodily structure of the Earth, dislocation theory in Earth motions, glaciology, geochronology, and emerging and new areas of geophysics. (Bina, others)

EARTH-450-0-01 Advanced Topics: Seminar Supercharged

The departmental seminar series provides students with a unique opportunity to explore topics beyond their immediate disciplinary focus, meet with scholars from around the country, and evaluate different styles of scientific communication. This seminar will enrich the student experience through readings from each scholar’s lexicon prior to their seminar and the opportunity to ask the speaker questions in an intimate group setting. (Bina, Osburn)

EARTH-499-0 Independent Study

Study of special problems under the direct supervision of one or more members of the teaching staff. A comprehensive report and/or a comprehensive examination is required. (Bina, others)

Course materials and syllabi for the above courses reside on NU's Canvas site.

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