Research and Analytical Facilities


Northwestern University invested significant resources in the renovation of a lab facility for the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. This facility occupies over 5,000 square feet of space on several floors of Hogan Hall and serves the analytical needs of Professors Axford, Beddows, Blair, Hurtgen, Jacobsen, Jacobson, Osburn, and Sageman and their postdoctoral researchers and students. Designed to foster interdisciplinary research, Integrated Laboratories for Earth and Planetary Sciences (ILEPS) includes state-of-the-art laboratories for sedimentary geochemistry, aqueous geochemistry, Quaternary sediment analysis, organic geochemistry, stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS), radiogenic isotope geochemistry (TIMS), geobiology and microbial culturing, and high-pressure high-temperature mineral physics, along with a sleek new rock and core preparation facility on the first floor of the Hogan building. Our researchers also use Professor Blair’s Carbon Biogeochemistry Laboratory, located in the Technological Institute.


Photos by Anthony (Tony) May,


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February 6, 2015