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Mass-spectrometers and peripherals

The Stable Isotope Laboratory is equipped with two Thermo Scientific Delta V Plus isotope ratio mass spectrometers (IRMS), each equipped with a different set of peripherals for sample preparation.





Thermo Trace GC Ultra/GC-C III for compound-specific hydrogen (H/D) and carbon (13C/12C) isotope measurements on fatty acids (FAMEs), n-alkanes, and other organic compound classes.





Thermo Gasbench II / CTC GC-PAL autosampler for analyses of d13C and d18O values of carbonates (calcite/aragonite/dolomite) and dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) for ([DIC] and d13C) in aqueous samples.






 Costech 4010 EAS for analysis of wt% C,N,S, and d13C, d15N, and d34S on sediments, soils, bio-materials, and chemical extracts.






Thermo TC/EA for analysis of wt% O, and dD, and d18O of organic and inorganic materials (chitin, keratin, and sulfates).






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