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Donna Jurdy, Professor, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Northwestern University

Current research on the tectonics of Venus, the magnetic lineations on Mars, and Titan's surface.

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road, F496,7
Evanston, IL 60208-3130
email: donna   @
phone: (847) 491-7163 ; fax: (847) 491-8060

Ph.D. 1974 University of Michigan
M.A. 1970 State University of New York at Buffalo
B.A. 1968 University of Rochester

American Geophysical Union
Fellow, Geological Society of America
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Association for Women Geoscientists

My recent research concentrates on terrestrial plate kinematics and dynamics, the tectonics of Venus, magnetization of Mars, and Titan's surface. Also, we've worked on Ganymede and the volcanism of Io.

"Crustal Magnetization of Mars: Terra Meridiani and Terra Sirenum", Renee A. French and D. M. Jurdy, Journal of Modern Physics, v. 08 No. 08 doi: 10.4236/jmp.2017.88083, 2017.
reprint here.

"Optical reflectivity of solid and liquid methane: application to spectroscopy of Titan's hydrocarbon lakes", Adams, K., S. D. Jacobsen, S. Thomas, Z., Liu, M. Somayazulu, and D. M. Jurdy, Geophysical Research Letters, v. 39, L04309, 6 PP., doi:10.1029/2011GL049710, 2012. reprint here.

"Pit distribution in Titan's equatorial region", Kimberly Adams and Donna M. Jurdy, Planetary and Space Science, doi:10.1016/j.pss.2012.01.007, 2012. reprint here.

"Topographic comparisons of uplift features on Venus and Earth: Implications for Venus tectonics", Paul R. Stoddard and Donna M. Jurdy, Icarus, v. 217, pp. 524-533, doi:10.1016j.icarus.2011.09.003, 2011. reprint here.

"Learning from failure: The SPREE Mid-Continent Rift Experiment", GSA Today, pp 5-7, September 2011.
Stein, S., S. van der Lee, D. Jurdy, C. Stein, D. Wies, M. Wysession, J. Revanaugh, A. Frederiksen, F. Darbyshire, T. Bollman, J. Lodewyk, E. Wolin, M. Merino, and K. Tekverk, reprint here.

"Mars Magnetic Field, Sources and Models in a Quarter of the Southern Hemisphere", Donna M. Jurdy and Michael Stefanick, Icarus, 203, 38-46, doi: 10.1016/j.icarus.2009.04.027, 2009. Science Direct.     If you cannot access this, please email me and I would be pleased to send you a pdf of the paper and any others email: donna   @

Reply to Review by A. C. Kerr, on GSA volume, Plates, Plumes, & Planetary Processes, G. R. Foulger and D. M. Jurdy, Marine Reviews, 29, 219-220, 2008. reprint here.

Preface to volume, GSA Special Paper #430, Plates, Plumes, & Planetary Processes, editors, G. R. Foulger and D. M. Jurdy, i-iv, 2007 reprint here.

"The coronae of Venus: Impact, plume or other origin?", Donna M. Jurdy and Paul R. Stoddard, in GSA Special Paper #430, Plates, Plumes, & Planetary Processes, ed. G. R. Foulger and D. M. Jurdy, 859-878, 2007 reprint here.

"Microplate motions in the hotspot reference frame", Marco Cuffaro and Donna M. Jurdy, Terra Nova, vol. 18 (4), pp. 276-281, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3121.2006.00690.x, 2006 reprint here.

"Origin of martian northern hemisphere mid-latitude lobate debris aprons", Han Li, Mark S. Robinson and Donna M. Jurdy, Icarus, vol. 176, pp. 382-394, 2005 reprint here.

"Impact Craters as Indicators of Tectonic and Volcanic Activity in the Beta-Atla-Themis Region, Venus", Audeliz Matias and Donna M. Jurdy, in: GSA Special paper #388, Plumes, Plates and Paradigms,, 825-839, 2005 reprint here.

"Vertical extrapolation of Mars magnetic potentials", Donna M. Jurdy and Michael Stefanick, Journal of Geophysical Research, 10.1029/2004JE002277, 2004. reprint here.

"Distribution of Io's Volcanoes: Possible influence on spin axis", Paul R. Stoddard and Donna M. Jurdy, Geophysical Research Letters, 29(9), 10.1029/2001GL014539, 2002 reprint here.

"Corona classification by evolutionary stage", John DeLaughter and Donna M. Jurdy, Icarus, vol. 139, pp. 81-92, 1999 reprint here.

"Correlation of Venus surface features and geoid", Donna M. Jurdy and Michael Stefanick, Icarus, vol. 139, pp. 93-99, 1999 reprint here.

Other reprints available on request, please email: donna at

Lunar and Planetary Science Conferences, Abstracts:
2009: "Topographic Comparisons of Uplift Features on Venus and Earth: Implications for Venus Tectonics", Paul R. Stoddard and Donna M. Jurdy abstract here.
2008: "Pit Distribution in Titan's Equatorial Region", Kimberly Adams and Donna Jurdy abstract here.
2007: "Downward Continuation of the Martian Magnetic Field", Jared Espley, Jack Connerney, Donna Jurdy and Mario Acuna abstract here.
2006: "Martian Mid-Latitude Craters with Unusual Rim Deposits: Evidence for Volatiles or Topographic Control?", Audeliz Matias and Donna Jurdy abstract here.
"Martian Southern Hemisphere Debris Aprons", Han Li, Mark Robinson, Donna Jurdy abstract here.
2005: "Vertical Extrapolation of Mars Magnetic Streamline Function to Surface", Donna Jurdy and Michael Stefanickabstract here.
"Ganymede's Sulci on Global and Regional Scales" Heather Bedle and Donna Jurdyabstract here.
"Study of a 15 km crater with diverse morphology: Elysium Planitia, Mars", Abstract #1163, Audeliz Matias and Donna Jurdy abstract here.
2004: "Vertical Extrapolation of Mars Magnetic Potentials", Donna Jurdy and Michael Stefanick abstract here.
"Origin of martian Northern hemisphere mid-latitude lobate debris aprons", Han Li, Mark Robinson and Donna Jurdy abstract here.
2003: "Mars Magnetic Data: The Impact of Noise on the Vertical Extrapolation of Fields and Methods of Suppression", Donna Jurdy and Michael Stefanick abstract here.
"Uplift of Venus geoid highs: Timing from coronae and craters", Paul Stoddard and Donna Jurdy abstract here.

  EPS 351, Forming a Habitable Planet, Spring 2015,   with Seth Stein   Class Website
  EPS 110, Winter 2015,   Exploration of the Solar System   Class Website
  EPS 102, Freshman Seminar, Fall 2014,   Death of the Dinosaurs   Class Website
  EPS 438, Advanced Topics in Geophysics, Winter 2014,   Mars   Class Website
  EPS 450, Advanced Topics, Spring 2012,   Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn   Class Website
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CAR, Committee on Athletics and Recreation
Faculty Associate, past Associate Master and Master, Communications Residential College (CRC)
Member, Freshman Seminar Writing Award Committee
Department Representative, Faculty Senate
     Chair, Benefits Committee

Other recent professional activities: Co-editor, Gillian R. Foulger and Donna M. Jurdy, Geological Society of America Special Paper # 430, The Origin of Melt Anomalies: Plumes, Plates and Planetary Processes, Preface and Scope, vi-ix, contains 46 papers, ~150 discussion pieces, 997 pages, 2007.
The volume with 46 papers on "hotspots", locations of anomalous melts, represents the full spectrum of opinion on this controversial topic. A novel feature of this volume is the discussion of individual papers, ~150 on discussion pieces on over 2/3 of the papers.Volume website
Generous contributions by volume authors and others enable us to continue to give volumes to scientists at institutions around the world: Volume donation website

Past, Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research, American Geophysical Union
Founder and Participant, Speakers Bureau, Association for Women Geoscientists Association for Women Geoscientists

Visiting Professor, Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. I taught Exploration of the Solar System for the Department of Earth Sciences, in the GUCAS, Sciences, a 20 hour course, June 2011. The Association for Women Geoscientists asked me to write up my experiences while in Beijing. I summarize my activities there in an article published in the July - August, 2011 issue of Gaea, the newsletter of the Association for Women Geoscienstists: "Teaching in Beijing" A Visiting Professor's Experience":        Gaea article here

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