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Department Video Gallery

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Laboratory Videos

Radiogenic Isotope Lab (Principal Investigator: Andy Jacobson)

Organic Geochemistry Lab (Principal Investigator: Maggie Osburn)  

The “Bug Lab” (where microbes are cultured and studied) (Principal Investigator: MaggieOsburn)

Geoperspectives on Climate & Life (GeoCAL) Lab (Principal Investigators: Maggie Osburn & Yarrow Axford) 

Quaternary Sediment Lab (Principal Investigator: Yarrow Axford)

Carbon Biogeochemistry Lab (Principal Investigator: Neal Blair)

Grad Student Videos

The Sloss Graduate Research Symposium, or fondly referred to as Sloss Talks, is an annual tradition where graduate students present short talks on their research and accomplishments.

Sloss Talks 2021

Sloss Talks 2020