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2014-2015 Seminar Series

Fall 2014 seminars

September 26 - Sloss Graduate Research Symposium

October 3 - Justin Dodd, Northern Illinois University
Rapid Monsoon Onset During the Middle-Pleistocene in the Southwestern US: Evidence from Diatom Oxygen Isotope Values

October 10 - Jeremy Fein, University Notre Dame
Bacterial Adsorption as a Control on Metal Mobility and Bioavailability in Geologic Systems

October 17 - Timothy Herbert, Brown University
The Road to the Ice Ages

*October 24 - Nizar Ibrahim, University of Chicago
Spinosaurus and the River of Giants
*This event will be held at 4:00pm in Tech L361

October 31 - Meredith Nettles, Columbia University
Glacial Earthquakes and Glacier Dynamics in Greenland

November 7 - Nathaniel Lifton, Purdue University
Exposing the Potential for In Situ Cosmogenic 14C in Quaternary Geochronology

November 14 - Maureen Long, Yale University
Probing the Dynamics of the Lowermost Mantle with Seismic Observations

November 21 - Theodore Flynn, Argonne National Laboratory
Biogeochemical Cycling and Microbial Ecology in the Terrestrial Subsurface

Winter 2015 seminars

January 9 - Max Berkelhammer, University of Illinois Chicago
Viewing the terrestrial carbon cycle through the eyes of the atmospheric sulfur cycle

January 16 - Elizabeth Minor, University of Minnesota Duluth
Carbon cycling in the world's largest lake (by area): insights from radiocarbon studies.

January 23 - Costas Synolakis, University of Southern California
The role of oceans in climate change: A historical perspective

January 30 - Jason Gulley, Michigan Tech
Understanding links between the hydrology and motion of glaciers and ice sheets: perspectives from limestone karst hydrology.

February 13 - Susan Swanson, Beloit College
Evaluating shallow flow-system response to climate change through analysis of spring deposits in southwestern Wisconsin

February 20 - Michael Wysession, Washington University in St. Louis
Seismologic Investigations of the Intraplate Volcanism of Madagascar

February 27 - Roman DiBiase, Penn State University
Wildfire and sediment transport on steep rocky hillslopes

March 6 - Brad Sageman, Northwestern University
Late Cretaceous Geochronology, Chronostratigraphy, and OAE Studies of the Western Interior Basin

Spring 2015 seminars

April 10 - John Grotzinger, Caltech
Exploring Mars with Curiosity

May 15 - Trish Gregg, UIUC
The Mechanics of Triggering Catastrophic Caldera-Forming Eruptions

May 29 - David Fike, Washington University in St. Louis
The Impacts of Depositional Environment on Sulfur Isotopic Records: Rethinking Stratigraphic Trends and Biogeochemical Interpretations