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Microbial Culturing Laboratory (Osburn)

The newest laboratory space of the Osburn Isotope Geobiology Lab is equipped with everything needed for anaerobic culturing of microbes, monitoring of cultures, and harvesting biomass for further organic geochemical analysis. The lab is equipped with a Coy Anaerobic Chamber, gas mixing station, and numerous shaking and still incubators for the cultivation of microbes. Both cultured microbes and environmental samples (cells and biofilms) are characterized using a Zeiss epifluorescence microscope with motorized stage and pseudo-confocal capability. The lab also contains a large centrifuge and spectrophotometer for a range of analytical and educational applications.

Lab Phone (847) 467-7102
Lab Address 4-108 Hogan, 2205 Tech Drive, Evanston IL 60208
Department Address 2145 Sheridan Road Tech F374 Evanston, IL 60208

Overview of the Microbial Culturing Lab

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