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Organic Geochemistry Laboratory (Osburn)

Instrument from the Organic Geochemistry LabThe Organic Geochemistry Laboratory is the sample preparation and analysis laboratory for the Osburn Isotope Geobiology Lab. Lipids from microbial biomass, sediments, and rocks are extracted and analyzed here. The laboratory is equipped with a Mars Express microwave extraction system for organic extraction from sediment. Samples can be further processed and purified in fume hoods using heating blocks, sonication, ovens, a microbalance, solvent evaporators, and a vacuum manifold system. Organic compounds can be identified and quantified using a Thermo Trace GC coupled to a DSQ mass spectrometer and FID detector for the identification and quantification of organic molecules. Additionally, the lab contains a Piccaro spectroscopic water isotope analyzer with an inline combustion unit to analyze hydrogen and oxygen isotopes from a range of water samples.
Lab Phone (847) 467-2366
Lab Address 3-170 Hogan, 2205 Tech Drive,Evanston, IL 60208
Department Address

2145 Sheridan Road, Tech F374, Evanston, IL 60208-313