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2021-2022 Seminar Series

Fall 2021 Seminars

September 24 - Sloss Graduate Research Symposium, Part I
The Sloss Graduate Research Symposium is an annual tradition in which EPS graduate students present short talks on their research and accomplishments.

October 1 - Sloss Graduate Research Symposium, Part II
The Sloss Graduate Research Symposium is an annual tradition in which EPS graduate students present short talks on their research and accomplishments.

October 8 - Stephanie Olson, Purdue University
Geophysical Controls on the Oxygenation of Marine Habitats on Earth and Beyond

October 15 - Erica Marie Hartmann, Northwestern University
Using the Microbiology and Chemistry of the Built Environment to Promote Indoor Environmental Quality

October 22 - Elizabeth Griffith, The Ohio State University
Marine Barite Reveals Change in Ocean Chemistry & Carbon Cycle

November 4 (Thursday) at 5 PM (Virtual) - Isabel Rivera-Collazo, University of California San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Ancient Knowledge, Future Wisdom: Archaeological Perspectives of Caribbean Coastal Food and Habitat Security during Climate Crises

November 12 (Virtual) - Philippe Lognonné, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
InSight on Mars: More than 1000 Sols (Mars Day) of Seismic Discoveries & Surprises

November 19 (Virtual) - Chhavi Jain, Washington University
Still Elusive Upper Mantle Dynamics and a New Plan to Investigate It

December 3 - Eric Wolf, University of Colorado-Boulder
3D Modeling of Alien Worlds

Winter 2022 Seminars

January 7 (Virtual) - Jeremy Owens, Florida State University
Novel Metal Isotope Constraining Complex Oxygen Variability during Phanerozoic Mass Extinction and Climate Events

January 14 (Virtual) - Kay McMonigal, North Carolina State University
Why is the Indian Ocean Warming So Rapidly?

January 21 - Anna Waldeck, Northwestern University
Stable Oxygen Isotopes in Sulfate: Implications for Phanerozoic pO2

January 28 - Sunny Park, University of Chicago
Probing Earth’s Near-Surface Structure by Measuring the Angle (Not the Timing)

February 4 (Virtual) - Ludmilla Aristilde, Northwestern University
Critical Role of Iron in Carbon Recycling by Biological and Mineral Catalysts

February 11 (Virtual) - Anat Shahar, Carnegie Institution for Science
An Experimental Geochemistry View on Planetary Evolution

February 18 - Emily Stewart, Florida State University
Rock Metamorphism and the Global Carbon Cycle

February 25 (Virtual) - Tim Dixon, University of South Florida
Improving Earthquake and Tsunami Forecasts in Subduction Zones

March 4 (Virtual) - Deepti Singh, Washington State University Vancouver
Climate Change is Increasing the Risk of Public Health Hazards

March 11 (Virtual) - Kat Dawson, Rutgers University
Microbial Methane Metabolism in the Tidal Raritan River, NJ

Spring 2022 Nemmers Seminars

Spring quarter seminars were designed in collaboration with our Nemmers Prize 2020 recipient, Prof. Freeman. They were made possible by the Nemmers Prize in Earth Sciences, which recognizes achievement and work of lasting significance in the field of earth sciences.

April 1 (Virtual) - Seth Newsome, University of New Mexico
Tracing the Fate of Green and Brown Energy in Food Webs: Multi-Channels, Mixotrophs, and Microbiomes

April 8 - Pratigya Polissar, University of California, Santa Cruz
Late Neogene Vegetation and Climate Change on the Indian Subcontinent

April 15 (Virtual) - James Bendle, University of Birmingham
New Tools for Reconstructing Terrestrial and Marine Paleoclimates

April 22 - Heather Graham, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Time Machines and Spaceships: Organic Geochemistry as a Window to Other Worlds

April 29 - Ann Pearson, Harvard University
Progress and Challenges in Archaeal Lipid Paleobarometry

May 6 - Naomi Levin, University of Michigan
Hotter, Drier, and More Open? Geochemical Perspectives on 10 myr of Environmental Change and Human Evolution in Africa

May 13 - Yige Zhang, Texas A&M University
Organic Geochemistry Constraints on the Variability and Cycling of Greenhouse Gases: CO2 and CH4

May 20 - Allison Karp, Yale University
Molecular Approaches Shed Light on Wildfire Dynamics in Ancient Grasslands

May 27 - Paula Welander, Stanford University
Ancient Fats in Modern Microbes: Linking the Genomic and Geologic Records through Lipid Biomarker Research

June 3 - Elle Chimiak, University of Colorado Boulder
Tracking Extraterrestrial Synthesis with Site-Specific Isotope Ratios