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Stable Isotope Lab Members

Table of people involved with the stable isotope lab

Principal Investigators

Neal E. Blair

Prof. Neal Blair’s interest lies in the fate of organic matter and carbon cycling in modern environments.

Matthew T. Hurtgen

Prof. Matthew Hurtgen’s research is about marine sulfur bio-geochemistry of ancient oceans.

Magdalena Osburn

Prof. Magdalena Osburn’s research interests focus on carbon and hydrogen isotope studies in lipids to study the habits of modern and ancient microbes, and to study past environment and hydrological balance from D/H ratios in lipids.

Bradley B. Sageman

Prof. Bradley Sageman uses carbon isotopes to fine-tune the chronology of the sediments laid around the Phanerozoic ocean anoxic events towards developing high-resolution stratigraphy spanning across North America.