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2018-2019 Seminar Series

Fall 2018 Seminars

September 27 (Thursday) - Philip D. Nicholson, Cornell University - 3:00 pm in Tech L-211
Cassini's Grand Finale

October 5 - Sloss Graduate Research Symposium, 11:00 am and 3:00 pm
The Sloss Graduate Research Symposium is an annual tradition in which EPS graduate students present short talks on their research and accomplishments over the past year.

October 12 - Francis Albarède, University of Lyon

October 19 - Louis Derry, Cornell University
Basalt Alteration: Weathering Processes, Landscapes and Oceans

October 26 - Youxue Zhang, University of Michigan, 11:00 am in F285
Water and Other Volatiles in the Moon

November 2 - Sarah Aarons, University of Chicago
Insights from the Modern: Titanium Isotope Fractionation During Continental Weathering & Implications for the Nature of Earth’s Crust through Time

November 9 - Carrie Masiello, Rice University
Spies and Bloggers: New Synthetic Biology Tools to Understand Microbial Processes in Soils and Sediments

November 16 - Rita Parai, Washington University in St. Louis
Xe Isotopic Constraints on Cycling of Deep Earth Volatiles

November 30 - Jaime Barnes, University of Texas at Austin
The Role of the Forearc in Volatile Cycling through Subduction Zones

Winter 2019 Seminars

January 11 - Clara Blattler, University of Chicago
Reinterpreting the Rock Record of Carbonates

January 16 (Wednesday) - Itay Halevy, Weizmann Institute of Science
The Geologic History of Seawater δ18O

January 25 - Mark Rivers, University of Chicago
Applications of Synchrotron Radiation to the Earth Sciences

February 1 - Isla Castañeda, University of Massachusetts
Glycerol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraethers (GDGTs) in Lakes and their Importance for Past Temperature Reconstruction: Examples from the West Turkana Basin (Kenya) and Arctic Siberia

February 15 - Lily Thompson, Northwestern University
Hydrogen-Bearing Phases in the Deep Earth

February 22 - Kevin Chao, Northwestern University
Stress Interaction Between Slow and Fast Earthquakes

March 1 - Britney Schmidt, Georgia Institute of Technology
Getting Under Europa’s Skin

March 8 - Hilary Dugan, University of Wisconsin
Reconsidering Groundwater in Antarctic Limnology through Airborne Geophysical Surveys

Spring 2019 Seminars

April 1 (Monday 11:00 am) - Sean Raymond, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux
Solar System Formation in the Context of Extra-Solar Planets

April 5 - S. Shawn Wei, Michigan State University
New Seismic Constraints on Earth’s Deep Water Cycle: From the Tonga Mantle Wedge to the Transition Zone

April 12 - Yarrow Axford, Northwestern University
Greenland's Climate Through the Holocene and Last Interglacial: Perspectives from Lake Sediments

April 19 - Chris Holmden, University of Saskatchewan
Deciphering the Unexpected Response of the Cr Isotope Proxy to Ocean Anoxic Event 2

April 26 - Kristin Bergmann, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Climatic Extremes at the Dawn of Animal Life

May 1 (Wednesday 12:00 pm) - Adam Sarafian, Corning Incorporated
H Partitioning between Olivine and Melt from 0.1 MPa to 12 GPa

May 10 - Abhijit Ghosh, University of California, Riverside
Broad Spectrum of Fault Slip: Fast, Slow and Everything in between

May 17 - Lily Momper, Northwestern University
Geomicrobiology in Earth's Deep Terrestrial Subsurface Biosphere

May 29 (Wednesday) - Dimitri Veras, University of Warwick
Detailed Chemical Constraints on Planetary Cores, Mantles and Crusts through Stellar Autopsies

May 31 - Jane Willenbring, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
The Null Hypothesis: Steady rates of erosion, weathering and sediment accumulation during Late Cenozoic mountain uplift and glaciation