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2013-2014 Seminar Series

Fall 2013 seminars

September 27 - Sloss Graduate Research Symposium

October 4 - Isabel Montanez, University of California Davis
Earth's Deep-Time Insight into Our Climate Future

October 11 - Bradley Singer, Univeristy of Wisconsin
Geological, geochemical & geophysical evidence for rhyolitic caldera inception Laguna del Maule volcanic field, southern Chilean Andes

October 18 - Jake Bailey, University of Minnesota
Exploring the role of sulfur bacteria in the formation of phosphatic mineral deposits

October 25 - Shun-ichiro Karato, Yale University
Water in the Moon: Geophysical evidence and the implications for the origin of the moon

November 1- Anne Sheehan, University of Colorado
The Roots of the Rockies: Deep crustal imaging of thick-skinned fold and thrust belts

November 8 - Lijun Liu, University of Illinois
Fingerprints of Farallon subduction on continental North America

November 15 - Rose Cory, University of Michigan
Dissolved organic matter degradation and chemical composition: Implications for carbon cycling (Joint Seminar with CEE)

November 22 - Ross Powell, Northern Illinois University
From modern subglacial processes to paleoglaciology of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: data to constrain modeling of its future behavior

Winter 2014 seminars

January 10 - Robert Reilinger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Geodetic Constraints on Deformation and Earthquake Hazards in the East Mediterranean and Adjacent Regions

January 17 - Katherine Freeman, Pennsylvania State University
Fossil molecules and isotopes from plants and what they tell us about ancient landscapes

January 24 - Alison Anders, University of Illinois
Precipitation, Erosion and Uplift: From the Olympic Mountains to the Western Ghats

January 31 - James Chatters, Applied Paleoscience
The Girl and the Gomphothere: Discovery of an early human with extinct megafauna on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

February 07 - William Gilhooly, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
Sulfur and oxygen isotope insights into sulfur cycling in shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos, Greece

February 14 - Samuel Bowring, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
High-precision U-Pb geochronology and the tempo of mass extinctions and ecosystem restructuring

February 21 - Brad Rosenheim, Tulane University
Ruining a perfectly good date: Riverine carbon cycling viewed through the radiocarbon prism

February 28 - Joshua Feinberg, University of Minnesota
Caves as archives of geomagnetic history

Spring 2014 seminars

April 4 - William D'Andrea, Columbia University
Orbital-scale Climate Variability and ENSO in the Early Miocene: Leaf Wax-Derived δ13C and δD Records from a Varved Diatomite in New Zealand

April 11 - Michael Gardner, Montana State University
Evolution of Cenozoic Deep-Marine Foreland Basins of Southern Europe: comparison to the Eocene Hecho Group of Northern Spain, the Eocene-Oligocene Gres d'Annot Sandstone of Southeast France, and the Miocene marnoso-Arenacea Formatino of Northern Italy

April 18 - Jason Gulley, Michigan Technological University
Glaciers as deformable karst aquifers: understanding links between glacier hydrology and motion

April 25 - Jeffrey Alt, University of Michigan
Stable Isotope Tracers of the Subsurface Biosphere in Oceanic Basement

May 2 - Kenneth Ridgway, Purdue University
Cenozoic Flat-Slab Subduction Processes and the Tectonic Development of Southern Alaska

May 9 - Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Woods Hole Institution of Oceanography
Is the Marine Strontium Isotope Budget Balanced, and Why Should We Care?

May 16 - Climate Change Symposium

May 23 - Stephen Mojzsis, University of Colorado
Component Geochronology in the Polyphase ca. 3920 Ma Acasta Gneiss

May 30 - Thomas Bianchi, University of Florida
The Role of Terrestrially-Dervied Organic Carbon in the Coastal Ocean: A Changing Paradigm (Joint Seminar with CEE)