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Sample submission and pricing

We accept samples from external researchers for stable isotope analyses in various environmental samples for geoscience research, and also for C, H, N, and S analyses in solid materials from other disciplines (Botany, Material Science, and Chemistry). We accept samples from the external users for the analyses types listed below. Contact us for special analysis requirements and/or sample types, pricing and other sample submission instructions.

Each batch of samples submitted for analysis must accompany a submission form with full details of the project chart-string (for Northwestern users) or billing information of external users.
Analysis Northwestern External Academic
d13C & d18O carbonates (GB-IRMS) $12.00 $14.00
DIC-low concentration (GB-IRMS) $19.00 $20.00
DIC-high concentration (GB-IRMS) $16.00 $17.00
d13C & d15N (EA-IRMS) $10.00 $10.75
d34S (EA-IRMS) $17.00 $18.00
d18O organic (TC/EA-IRMS) $18.00 $19.00

For sample submission, sample requirements, pricing and general information about the lab, please contact:

Wesley Scott