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Degrees Awarded

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Caitlin Casar Geobiology of Biofilms in the Continental Deep Subsurface. Advisor: Magdalena Osburn

Claire Annie Nelson Investigating Basalt Chemical Weathering in Iceland and its Role in Climate Regulation with Stable Calcium Isotopes. Advisor: Andrew Jacobson

Leah Salditch Investigating Earthquake Recurrence and Hazard Models. Advisor: Seth Stein

Fei Wang Crystal Structure and Ordering of Hydrogen-Related Defects and Ferric Iron in High-Pressure Silicates of the Mantle Transition Zone. Advisor: Steven Jacobsen

Jiuyuan Wang Investigation of Stable Ca and Sr Isotopes as Proxies for Ocean Acidification in Deep Time: Neoproterozoic, Permian-Triassic, and Cretaceous Case Studies. Advisor: Bradley Sageman


Emiliano Monroy-Rios Advancements in our Understanding of the Yucatan Platform Sedimentary Geology, Speleogenesis, Ring of Cenotes, and Tectonic Stability. Advisor: Patricia Beddows

Nooshin Saloor Contributions to Modern Quantification of Seismic Sources. Advisor: Emile Okal

Vivian Tang The Power of Seismic Waves to Trigger Seismicity and Reveal the Inner Structure of the Earth. Advisor: Suzan van der Lee

Michelle Wenz Earth's Inner Workings Revealed through Mineral Inclusions in Diamond. Advisor: Steven Jacobsen


Trevor Bollmann Features of the North American mantle during the Mesoproterozoic through Cenozoic eras from field studies and visualization experiments Advisor: Suzan van der Lee

Eddie Brooks Assessing the Performance of Earthquake Hazard Maps. Advisor: Seth Stein

Everett Lasher Holocene Climate Change in Greenland: Investigations Using Oxygen Isotopes of Lacustrine Organic Materials. Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Jamie McFarlin Calibrating and Applying Sedimentary Leaf Wax Hydrogen Isotopes to Reconstruct Greenland Hydroclimate of the Holocene and Last Interglacial. Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Amir Salaree Theoretical and Computational Contributions to the Modeling of Global Tsunamis. Advisor: Emile Okal


Matt Jones Stratigraphic and Geochemical Investigations of Late Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events and Greenhouse Sea Level Trends. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

John Lazarz Effect of Water on Thermoelasticity of Majoritic Garnet: Implications for the Seismic Structure at the Top of the Lower Mantle. Advisor: Steven Jacobsen


Grace Andrews (Margaret Unterman) Carbon Cycling of Glaciated Landscapes: Investigation with Strontium Isotope Geochemistry. Advisor: Andrew Jacobson

Michael Witek Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Structure of East Asia from Ambient Noise Tomography. Advisor: Suzan van der Lee


Laurel Childress The Active Margin Carbon Cycle: Influences of Climate and Tectonics in Variable Spatial and Temporal Records. Advisor: Neal Blair

Renee French Using Orbiter Spacecraft Data to Characterize Small-Scale Surface Features on the Moon and Constrain Geophysical Properties of the Martian Crust. Advisor: Donna Jurdy

Ashley Gilliam Titan through Time: Evolution of Titan's Atmosphere and its Hydrocarbon Cycle on the Surface. Advisor: Abraham Lerman

Brian Kristall Marine Sulfur and Strontium Cycling During the Transition from a Cool to Warm Greenhouse in the Early Cretaceous. Advisor: Matthew Hurtgen

Gregory Lehn Advances in Calcium Isotope Geochemistry: Method Development and Application in a Multi-Proxy Investigation of Alaskan Arctic Watersheds. Advisor: Andrew Jacobson

Josh Townsend The Effects of Water on the Physical Properties of Earth Materials and Equations of State (2014). Advisor: Steven Jacobsen

Emily Lynne Wolin Structure, Seismicity, and Instrumentation of Stable North American Lithosphere Properties of Earth Materials and Equations of State. Advisor: Suzan van der Lee


Jeremy Gouldey The Relationship Between the Geochemical Cycles of Sulfur and Carbon in the Neoproterozoic. Advisor: Matthew Hurtgen


Allison Baczynski Evaluating Carbon Cycle Dynamics and Hydrologic Change during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming. Advisor: Francesca McInerney

Rosemary Bush Leaf Wax n-Alkanes as Paleoclimate Proxies: Calibrations in Modern Plants and Applications in Ancient Ecosystems. Advisor: Francesca McInerney

Yun-Yuan Chang Influence of Point Defects on the Elastic Properties of Mantle Minerals and Superhard Materials. Advisor: Steven Jacobsen

Maya Gomes Modern and Ancient Studies of Sulfur Isotope Cycling in Low-Sulfate Systems. Advisor: Matthew Hurtgen

Dan (Darcy) Li Global Biogeochemical Cycle of Silicon: Its Past, Present, and Future. Advisor: Abraham Lerman

Miguel Merino Tectonics and Seismicity of Rifts Past and Present. Advisor: Seth Stein


Young Ji Joo Late Cretaceous Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy and Analysis of Perturbations in Global Carbon and Sulfur Biogeochemical Cycles. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

Xiaoting Lou Inferred and Predicted Seismic Velocities of the North American Mantle. Advisor: Suzan van der Lee


Carl W. Ebeling Discriminants and Detectors: Seismological Studies of Tsunami Earthquakes and Hurricane Microseisms. Advisor: Emile Okal


Derek D. Adams Biogeochemical Consequences of Low Sulfate Oceans: A Study of Oceanic Anoxic Event 2. Advisor: Matthew Hurtgen

Richard Barclay Testing the Driving Mechanisms for Ocean Anoxic Event 2 (94 Ma) Using pCO2 Estimates and Carbon Isotopes Derived from Fossil Plant Material in the Dakota Formation of Southwestern Utah. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

Simon Lloyd Crust and Upper Mantle Beneath South America: Variations in Precambrian Moho and Lithosphere-Athenosphere Boundary Depths and Seismic Velocity Structure at the Subducting Chile Ridge. Advisor: Suzan van der Lee


Laura Swafford Space-Time Characteristics of Earthquake Sources in Various Tectonic Environments. Advisor: Seth Stein


Heather Bedle Studies on the S-velocity Structure of the North American Upper Mantle. Advisor: Susan van der Lee

Jason Flaum Investigation of Phosphorus Cycle Dynamics Associated with Organic Carbon Burial in Modern (North Pacific) and Ancient (Devonian and Cretaceous) Marine Systems: Strengths and Limitations of Sequentially Extracted (SEDEX) Phosphorus Data. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

Lingling Wu Chemical Weathering: Theoretical Models, Field Study in the Yellow River Basin, and Laboratory Study of Microbially-Mediated Basalt and Granite Weathering. Advisor: Andrew Jacobson


Joniell Borges Continental Weathering Products: Clay Mineral Surfaces as Sinks for Organic Carbon in Marine Environments; Chemistry and Petrography of Bed Sediments from Large Rivers--Provenance and Chemical Weathering. Advisor: Bradley Sageman.

Robert Locklair Causes and Consequences of Marine Carbon Burial: Examples from the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation and the Permian Brushy Canyon Formation. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

Kimberly Schramm The Role of Source Mechanism Geometry in Biasing Estimates of Earthquake Slowness. Advisor: Seth Stein


Han Li Remediation of Scattered Light in NEAR-Shoemaker MSI Imager: A Study of Martian Debris Aprons. Advisor: Donna Jurdy

Alberto Lopez Tectonic Studies of the Caribbean: I) Pure GPS Euler Vectors to Test for Rigidity and the Existence of a Northern Lesser Antilles Forearc Block; II) Constraints for Tsunami Risk from Reassessment of the April 1, 1946 Alaska-Aleutians and August 4, 1946 Hispaniola Events. Advisors: Emile Okal and Seth Stein


Audeliz Matias Development and Modification of Impact Craters on Venus and Mars. Advisor: Donna Jurdy


Sarah Lee Andre Densities and Porosities of Ordinary Chondrite Meteorites: Study of Mercurian Topography Using Digital Elevation Models. Advisor: Mark Robinson


Stephen Richard Meyers Integrated Cylcostratigraphy and Biogeochemistry of the Cenomanian/Turonian Boundary Interval, Western Interior Basin, North America. Advisor: Bradley Sageman


Po Fei Chen Distribution, Origin and Implications of Seismic Stress Release in Shallow and Intermediate Depth Subduction Systems. Advisor: Emile Okal

Eryn R. Klosko An Investigation of South American, Nazca Plate Boundary Zone Deformation Kinematics. Advisor: Seth Stein


Erin K. Beutel Relative and Absolute Plate Motion Changes in the Southeast Pacific: Cause and Effect. Advisor: Raymond Russo

Jerome B. Cruz Surface Charge Behavior and Surface Hydroxyl Characterization of Andulusite and Al2O3/SiO2 Mixtures in Aqueous Solutions at Room Temperature. Advisor: Donna Jurdy

Andrew V. Newman Geodetic and Seismic Studies of the New Madrid Seismic Zone and Implications for Earthquake Recurrence and Seismic Hazard. Advisor: Seth Stein

Josef P. Werne A Geochemical Evaluation of Depositional Controls and Paleoenvironmental Reconstructions in Organic-Rich Sediment Deposits: Evidence from the Modern Cariaco Bason, Venezuela, and Applications to the Devonian Appalachian Basin. Advisor: David Hollander


John E. DeLaughter Evolution of the Lithospheres of Venus and Earth: Studies in Geoid, Topography and Heat Flow. Advisor: Donna Jurdy

Changrui Gong An Organic and Isotopic Geochemical Study of Santa Monica Basin Sediment, Offshore California. Advisor: David Hollander

Laura Lynn Marquez Integrated Structural and Geochemical Studies of Oceanic Fault Zones Across the Dike-Pluton Boundary, Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus. Advisor: Susan Agar

William Phillip Richardson Surface Wave Tomography of the Ontong-Java Plateau: Seismic Probing of the Largest Igneous Province. Advisor: Emile Okal

John C. Weber New Madrid Seismic Zone Deformation from Repeat Global Positioning System (GPS) Surveys. 


Dezhi Chu Studies in Plate Kinematics: Plate Motion in East Africa and a Comparison of Paleomagnetic Methods. Advisor: Seth Stein


Tom Shoberg Studies in Marine Tectonics: Propagating Rifts, Depth Anomalies, and Subduction Zone Anisotropy. Advisor: Donna Jurdy


Undergraduate Degrees


Britt Bommer

Fang Ming "Cassia" Cai

Laura Caride

Tia Chung-Swanson

Jared Colin

Adam Flam

Robert Gallo

Annika Hansen

David Kaplan

Sohyun Lee

Lauren Simitz

Regan Steigleder

Caroline Webster

Lucy Weidner


Jeremy Brooks Little Ice Age Climate in South Greenland inferred from Alpine Glacier Reconstructions Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Emily Dial

Kevin Eisenstein

Andrea Gomez-Patron

Christine Lee

Madeleine Lucas Adventures in Geophysics: From Caves to CHIMPs Advisors: Mitch Barklage & Seth Stein

Grant McKnight Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) to Image Geologic Features at Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA Advisor: Mitch Barklage

Zoe Morfas

Kjetil Odden

Isaac Sageman Climatic and Paleoenvironmental Changes Associated with the Evolution of the First Mammaian Megaherbivore Coryphodon During Paleogene Hyperthermal Events, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming Advisor: Matt Hurtgen

Claudia Sandine Dynamical Evidence for Terrestrial Planet Debris in the Asteroid Belt Advisor: Seth Jacobson

Rachel So Carbonate Mineral Identification and Quantification in Sediment Matrices Using Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (DRIFTS) Advisor: Neal Blair


Hannah Dion-Kirschner Evaluating Compound-Specific Hydrogen and Carbon Isotopes of Plant Lipids as Proxies for Greenland Paleoclimate and Paleohydrology. Advisor: Magdalena Osburn

Jamie Easton

Monica Ha

Katherine Haile Unusual Coastal Mangroves Decoupled from Marine Tidal Forcing: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Advisor: Patricia Beddows

Ava Polzin

Peter Puleo A ~14,500-year Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimate Record from Sediments of Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Eric Van Camp


Karalyn Berman Paleoecological and Geochemical Reconstructions of Isostatic Emergence and Holocene Environmental Change at a Coastal Lake near Buksefjord, SW Greenland. Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Katherine Braun

Michael Campbell Seismic Forensics: Mapping Lake Superior’s Subsurface Structures to Characterize the Midcontinent Rift. Advisor: Donna Jurdy

Luis Cartagena

Lucero Flores

John Hayes Evolution of a Midwestern Reservoir’s Carbon Sources – Biomarker Evidence from TMAH Thermochemolysis. Advisor: Neal Blair

Caroline Schuette Isotopic Analyses of Inoceramid Shells as Evidence for the Plenus Cold Event and an Investigation of Nacre Tablet Thickness as a Proxy for Temperature. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

Clark Skillman

Negatwa Tewodros

Jordan Todes Seismic and Geochemical Studies of Mantle and Paleoenvironmental Structure: Perspectives from Subduction Zones and the Western Interior Basin. Advisors: Magdalena Osburn and Bradley Sageman


Nicholas Ambruz Absolute and Relative Delay Time Uncertainties of Experienced, Inexperienced, and New Users within AIMBAT. Advisor: Suzan van der Lee

Jane Berkowitz

Barbara (Basia) Gawin (B.A. with Honors in Environmental Science, EPS minor) The Holocene Sedimentary Record of Lake T3 in Southwest Greenland: Timing of Isostatic Emergence and Evidence of Upstream Glacier Fluctuations. Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Rachel Inderhees

Bethany Ketchem

Mark Schmid


Erik Baker

Steve Brand

Peter Carlin

Rui Chen

Marine Coste

Liz Fillion

Matthew Giuffre

Dana Johnson Phylogenetic Diversity and Lipid Biomarker Composition  of Microbialites in the Freshwater Lake  of Laguna Bacalar. Advisor: Magdalena Osburn

Tyler Kukla A Tale of Two CIEs: An Isotopic and Paleogeographic Comparison between the Mid Cenomanian Event and Ocean Anoxic Event 2. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

Victoria Nelson

Jiayue Peng

David Rice

Joshua Williams


Anna Hopkins

Margaret Isaacson Holocene Climate Change in the Southeastern Peruvian Andes: A Vegetation, Precipitation, and Fire History of Lake Yanacocha. Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Mitchell Kirshner Olympus Mons, Mars: Rheological Properties of Lava Fans and Tubes. Advisor: Donna Jurdy

Alex Layng

Kayleen McMonigal (B.A. with Honors in Integrated Sciences, EPS/ISP/Physics triple major) Developing a New Paleo Sea Level Proxy: Calcite Rafts of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Advisor: Patricia Beddows

Andrew Pfeiffer Holocene Paleoclimate of Northwest Greenland Inferred from Lacustrine Sediments. Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Henrik Westerkam


John Hodges

Katie Jaycox

Zach Kisfalusi

Margaret Koeppel

Brian Lach

Oscar Lopez

Ariel Melinger-Cohen

Tess Monical

Ruthie Norval

Nora Richter (B.A. with Honors in Integrated Sciences, EPS/ISP double major) Late Holocene Paleoclimate Reconstructed from Sediment Geochemistry and Chironomid Remains, Lake Linnévatnet, Svalbard, Norway. Advisor: Yarrow Axford

Heather Tennant


Ellie Bensinger

Laura Beckerman

Caroline Binkley

Danny Ginzburg

Harry Hahn

Mariel Henkoff

Peter Ilhardt

Leah Isaman

Alex Kegley

Allegra Mayer

Jennifer Mills

Andrea Salus

Matthew Sullivan


Clayton Brengman

Peter Carlson

Catherine Carrio

Alice Carter

Ekjyot (Joey) Gill

Benjamin Heath

Daniel Pfeffer

Matthew Strumpf


Kristen Bartucci

Alexa Socianu

Joseph McKendree Walkowicz


John Kapnik

Jessica Kunke

Michael Mounier

Michael Philben

Julia Swanson

Colleen Moore

Alan Wong

Theresa Wong


Rene Boiteau

Sara Bosshart The Eocene-Oligocene Boundary in Oregon: A Mysterious Even-Over-Odd Predominance of n-alkanes. Advisor: Francesca McInerney

Latisha Brengman The Sulfur Isotope Composition of Early Neoproterozoic Seawater as Recorded in the Bitter Springs Formation, Australia. Advisor: Matthew Hurtgen

Rebecca Fischer Effects of Pressure on H Bonding in Minerals. Advisor: Steven Jacobsen

Stefan Jensen Geophysical Evidence for Medieval-Period Hydroclimatic Change in the Sierra Nevada. Advisor: Seth Stein

Ryosuke Kita

Timothy Reber

Reid Taylor


Colin Carney Terrestrial Weathering and Nutrient Recycling: Bionutrient P Dynamics of the Late Devonian Appalachian Basin. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

Ben Farah Altitudinal Effects on Leaf Wax Composition. Advisor: Francesca McInerney

Eric Kramer Tracking Arctic Climate Change in Alaska. Advisor: Andrew Jacobson

Nicki Kravis Tracking Arctic Climate Change in Alaska. Advisor: Andrew Jacobson

Ryan Lange Relative Teleseismic Wave Arrival Times at Seismic Arrays Across the U.S. Advisor: Suzan van der Lee

Benjamin Chartoff

William Defliese


James Hebden Rayleigh Wave Propagation in Mid-Ocean Ridge Waveguides. Advisor: Seth Stein. Publication Reference - Hebden, J.S.and S. Stein (2009) "Time-dependent Seismic Hazard Maps for the New Madrid Seismic Zone and Charleston, South Carolina, Areas." Seismological Research Letters 80(1):12-20.


Piyapa Dejtrakulwong Analysis of Sedimentary Phosphorus in Cenomanian-Turonian (Cretaceous) Deposits of the Western Interior Seaway: Implications for the Interpretation of Oceanic Anoxic Event II. Advisor: Bradley Sageman.

Sarah Krentz


Alexander Bartolai

Michael Goldrich

Brandon Ray New Models in 40Ar/40K Dating and Escape of Radiogenic Material from Minerals. Advisor: Abraham Lerman

Daniel Zablotney


Justin Sweet Frequency-Size Distribution of Intraplate Earthquakes. Advisor: Emile Okal


Jessica Edmonds (B.A. with Honors in Integrated Sciences) Variations in Size and Location of Albedo Features on Mars. Advisor: Mark Robinson

Sara Hohenshelt

Shawn Stevens


Rachael Claxton

Julie Giardina

Verene Lystad Gazeteer of Mercurian Features. Advisor: Mark Robinson

Petra Pancoskova Spectral Analysis of Orbitally Forced Sediments Using Measured Sections and Photographic Images. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

Erik Stoltenberg

Brett Wilcox Comparison of Cratering on Asteroid Eros and the Moon: Comparison of Regoliths on Asteroid Eros and the Moon. Advisor: Mark Robinson

Matthew Williams Analysis of Organic Carbon Accumulation across a Bulk Sedimentation Gradient: Late Cenomanian, Hartland Shale Member, Western Interior U.S. Advisor: Bradley Sageman

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