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Events and Seminars

To explore past Seminar Series, please use the links to the left. Alternatively, use the search bar in the upper right corner of this page to find a specific speaker or institution.

All Seminars are located in the L.L. Sloss Room (Tech F285) on Friday mornings from 10-11 a.m. CT  

If you have any questions or would like to request to be added to the seminar email list, please contact our Program Assistant.

winter 2024 Seminars

Jan 05 - Tolulope Olugboji - University of Rochester
Africa Whole & In Parts: Crustal Taxonomy from Machine Learning on Ground Vibrations

Jan 12 - Tirzah Abbott (EPS) and Vinayak P. Dravid (MSE) - Northwestern Univeristy 
The NUANCE Center – Window into the Nanoworld - Will be reschedules during Spring Quarter

Jan 19 - Brad Sageman - Northwestern Univeristy (EPS)
The Late Cenomanian Plenus Event in The Western Interior Seaway: an OAE2 Update

Jan 26 - Noah Planavsky - Yale University
Enhanced Weathering Progress and Pitfalls

Feb 16 - M Bayani Cardenas - The University of Texas at Austin  
Water Cycling Across Terrestrial-Aquatic Interfaces from Pore to Planetary Scales

Feb 23 - Jana Sillmann University of Hamburg
Physical Climate Storylines – History and Recent Innovations

Feb 23 - Frank Corsetti - USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
The Utility of Modern Analogues for Interpreting Ancient Stromatolites - Will be reschedules during Spring Quarter

March 01 - William D. LeavitDartmouth College
Rare Isotopes of a Common Gas: Utilizing Clumped Isotopes in Methane to Differentiate Biological Pathways

Fall 2023 Seminars

Sept 22 - Sloss Graduate Research Symposium Part 1, NU - EPS
An annual presentation on the research & accomplishments of our graduate students

Sept 29 - Sloss Graduate Research Symposium Part 2, NU - EPS
An annual presentation on the research & accomplishments of our graduate students

Oct 06 - Ted Present, California Institute of Technology 
Biogeochemical Signals in the Sedimentary Record Biogeochemical Record

Oct 13 - Caio Ciardelli, NU - EPS
Adjoint Waveform Tomography of South America

Oct 20 - Robin Mattheus & Mitchell BarklageIllinois State Geological Survey – Prairie Research Institute
Sediment-Transport and Sand-Distribution Patterns along the Illinois Coast of Lake Michigan 

Oct 27 - Elita Li,  Purdue University 
Listening to Cities: a Noisy, Fun, and Informative Data Mining Experience

Nov 03 - Steve Jacobsen, NU - EPS 
The Future of Mineral Sciences

Nov 10 - Miquela Ingalls, Penn State
Diagenesis, Disequilibrium, and the Terrestrial Carbonate Record

Nov 17 - Dan Horton, NU - EPS 
Community-engaged Research in the Earth and Environmental Sciences 

Dec 01 - Dan Ibarra, Brown University 
Ancient Lakes and Lithium: Connecting Past Warm-Wet States to an Emerging Natural Resource