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Who is Recruiting?

Graduate students accepted to the department have usually emailed and/or talked with potential Ph.D. advisors prior to applying. Therefore, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the research interests of EPS faculty members and contact a potential advisor whose research aligns with your interests the summer or fall before the application deadline. We recommend sending a short email briefly describing why a faculty member’s research program interests you, and your key qualifications. It can also be helpful to attach a resume or CV in any format, to provide more details about your background and accomplishments. Click on each image below to visit faculty and lab web pages, and look through a few faculty publications prior to contacting potential advisors. These steps can help you to articulate what excites you about a faculty member’s research program. Do not be shy; we love hearing from enthusiastic future Ph.D.s!

gr-geobiology.jpg gr-past_climate_change.jpg
gr-radiogenic_isotope_geochemistry.jpg gr-seismology.jpg
gr-climate-change.jpg gr-sedimentary_geochemistry_and_earth_system_history.jpg
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