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Integrated Data-Driven Discovery in Earth and Astrophysical Sciences

November 14, 2016

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is a founding partner in the a novel graduate training program steeped in Data Science: Integrated Data-Driven Discovery in Earth and Astrophysical Sciences (IDEAS). This program was funded by the National Science Foundation in 2015 with a six year grant. The IDEAS program transforms graduate STEM education by prioritizing integrated research and learning, professional skill development, and preparation for data-intensive careers throughout the academic and professional sector. This multi-faceted program is designed for graduate students from a variety of departments; students can choose at which level to participate, including earning a certificate in Data Science.

Vivian Tang, a second year geophysics PhD student in the Earth & Planetary Sciences graduate program has been selected as one of the inaugural IDEAS Scholars.  Vivian shares that it has already been most beneficial to interact with students from a wide range of departments, and benefit from everyone’s input on solving problems. “The IDEAS program," she says, "is helping us to become well-rounded professional investigators, with training beyond individual disciplines.”

For more information visit the IDEAS website, or contact Professor Suzan van der Lee who is one of the founding leaders of the program.

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