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Alumni Profiles

Welcome! We are excited to share some wonderful stories and opportunities that can come out of an education in the Earth and Planetary Sciences. Although going to classes and expanding your mind can be a wonderful experience in college, find out what can go on after matriculation by exploring upon what paths some alumni have embarked.

graduate Program Alumni

Laurel Childress, PhD Class of 2016
Maya Gomes, PhD Class of 2014
H. Grant Goodell PhD Class of 1957
Niel Plummer, PhD Class of 1972
Peter Vail, PhD Class of 1956
Doug Wiens, PhD Class of 1985
Michael E. Wysession, PhD Class of 1991


undergraduate program alumni

Rebecca Fischer, BA Class of 2009
Stefan Jensen, BA Class of 2009
Katie Koube, BA Class of 2014
Brian Shiro, BA Class of 2000