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Victoria Lang

PhD Student

MS Atmospheric Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2022
BS Meteorology, Northern Illinois University, 2020
BS Business Administration, Illinois State University, 2009
Curriculum Vitae

Awards & Fellowships

Data Science Fellowship (2022, Northwestern University)
Dhirenda Sikdar Scholarship (2021, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Chancellor’s Graduate Award (2020 & 2021, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award (2020, Northern Illinois University)

Selected Publications

Lang, V. A., Turner, T. J., Selbig, B. R., Harris, A. R., & Kahl, J. D. W. (2022). Predicting Peak Wind Gusts during Specific Weather Types with the Meteorologically Stratified Gust Factor Model, Weather and Forecasting, 37(8), 1435-1446. DOI:

Fritzen, R., Lang, V., & Gensini, V. A. (2021). Trends and Variability of North American Cool-Season Extratropical Cyclones: 1979–2019, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 60(9), 1319-1331. DOI:

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