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Allegra Tashjian

PhD Student

B.A. Geology, Carleton College, 2020
Curriculum Vitae

As a graduate student in Dr. Jacobson’s lab, I will exploit properties of radiogenic and stable Sr isotopes as well as stable Ca isotopes to study deep-time paleoenvironments, carbon (C) capture technologies, and feedbacks between the C cycle and global climate. Using samples from rock and sediment records across diverse geologic settings, I look forward to exploring ancient climates and contextualizing modern climate change.


Mac Hyde Brownfield Scholarship Recipient, Minnesota Brownfields, Oct. 2019


“Examining the Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 and Warming on Soil Redox Potential in a Maryland, USA Tidal Wetland” Geological Society of America North Central Section Meeting (Virtual), May 2020

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