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Ann Mariam Thomas

PhD Student

B.A. Summa Cum Laude, Physics, Colby College, 2020
Curriculum Vitae

My research interests focus on human-induced earthquakes: earthquakes that have been triggered due to human activities such as mining, quarrying, and wastewater injection. I am specifically interested in understanding how large-scale mass removal in quarries can alter the stress and strain of the Earth’s crust to induce earthquakes. I am also very curious about the mathematics of signal processing and large-scale predictive models in geosciences. I hope to develop techniques that can detect small signals from seismometers characterized by high urban noise and help expand the range of useful data for research. Most broadly, I am interested in research that can help better understand the relationship between humans and our finite Earth.  I hope that my research can influence policies that can regulate harmful practices and encourage sustainable alternatives. 

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