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Mia Tuccillo

PhD Candidate

B.A. Biogeochemistry, Cum Laude, Wellesley College, 2020
Curriculum Vitae


My research aims to understand how climate, landscape, and atmospheric dynamics influence the ontogeny of Arctic lake watersheds. Ontogeny refers to the development of lake ecosystems over time. Specifically, I use organic geochemical biomarkers (sedimentary pigments, stable isotopes, diatoms, etc.) in lake sediment cores to study paleoecology, paleolimnology, and paleoclimate in Greenland, and to understand the primary drivers of biological productivity. 

Though I approach these questions by looking to the past, this work has important implications in a warming world where the Arctic is "greening" — what effects will a more productive Arctic have? Which organisms will outcompete others as the Arctic warms nearly four times faster than the global average? What role do human activities have on the ontogeny of Arctic freshwater ecosystems? Grounding my research interests in these important questions, I also value education about climate change and environmental, socio-political engagement alongside my work.