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Emile Okal

Professor Emeritus

Agrégation de Physique, Université de Paris
Thèse de 3ème cycle [M.S.], Geophysics, Université Paris VI
Ph.D. Geophysics, California Institute of Technology
Doctorat d'Etat, Université Paris VII


As Emeritus Professor, E.A. Okal continues to carry out research and mentor students in the fields of tsunami generation and propagation, intermediate and deep earthquakes, and methods for quantification of seismic sources.

In collaboration with scientists worldwide, he is also engaged in the preservation of analog archives of seismological data, and their conversion to digital support.

Selected Publications

Salaree, A., and E.A. Okal, Field survey and modeling of the Caspian Sea tsunami of 20 June 1990, Geophys. J. Intl., 201, 621-639, 2015.

Okal, E.A., The quest for wisdom: Lessons from seventeen tsunamis, 2004-2014, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London, Ser. A, 373, 20140370, 26 pp., 2015. 

Okal, E.A., Historical seismograms: Preserving an endangered species, GeoResJ, 6, 53-64, 2015.

Okal, E.A., and C.E. Synolakis, Sequencing of tsunami waves: Why the first wave is not always the largest, Geophys. J. Intl., 204, 719-735, 2016.

Talandier, J., and E.A. Okal, A new source discriminant based on frequency dispersion for hydroacoustic phases recorded by T-phase stations, Geophys. J. Intl., , 206, 1784-1794, 2016.

Okal, E.A., The excitation of tsunamis by deep earthquakes, Geophys. J. Intl., 209, 234-249, 2017.

Complete List of Publications
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